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Of deep desires

Wisely stayed home this morning to work out of the house.  Plus, spent some extra time in the Word.  Lots of random thoughts coming out of Psalm 84, my Psalm for the week.

What longing the Psalmist has to be in the presence of God!  Thought about this in two ways.  First, in what other places in Scripture do I see such a deep longing or desire?  Second, for what do I long for?

Deep desires in the Scriptures off the top of my head–Schechem for Dinah in Gen 34; Eve’s curse–“your desire shall be for him” (that is worth a post in its own right!); Jesus, weeping over Jerusalem; Paul in Romans 10, longing for his fellow might be saved; Paul longing to die and be with Christ in Phil 1; passionate longings between the bride and groom in Song of Songs; God in the Garden, “Adam, where are you?”; Ammon’s desire for Tamar in 2 Sam 13:2 (and sadly 14, 15); the Prodigal Father in Luke 15; Paul’s longing to know about the churches under his care.  Deep longing of our bodies and all creation for the return of Christ and final redemption in Romans 8; deep desire of angels to know about salvation and the mystery to be revealed.

What are some of the deep desires that I experience?  My own deep desires all over the place and seem pretty shallow but if I am to be honest . . . relief from pain, sex, food, exercise, cool place in the hot season, to see family and friends, get alone and away from people.  Desires to know something before it is time–the end of a movie, a secret, gossip, news.  Yes, I also have a deep desire for God, to know Him deeply as in Phil 3. But, sadly, I also desire to win, to be successful.  But, also for healing, for reconciliation between brothers and for beauty. For vacations or trips, for escape, the other day longed to jump in the nearby cool blue clean ocean! I long for a heart that is fully alive and awake and I long (usually unsuccessfully) to weep. Sometimes (not too often but yes sometimes) I long for stuff–new things like the new ipod I bought the other day and I think I sometimes long for things that I do not have, just because I do not have them!  I often deeply desire the beauty of music, art and of the creation.

If desires or longings are neutral, what makes them wrong or sinful?  Read also in Gal 5 this morning and it seems that desires of the sarx (flesh or old nature) are ungodly, lead to the deeds of the flesh and that the desires of the pneuma (spirit) please God and bring about the fruit of the Spirit.   Desires for me usually go bad when they become self-focused, self-promoting, self-centered.

Awaken my deepest longings, Oh God, and help me to see that my longing for this is really a longing for that. Forgive me Lord for being satisfied with a longing for there with a longing for here. (Hopefully, I can explain in another post from Sex God by Rob Bell)

What keeps me from identifying my deepest longings and desires?

guilt or unconfessed sin, shame, fear, busyness, distractions, fatigue, ignorance, deception

Interesting that I did not list as one of my deepest longings to be to share the gospel and see others be “saved”.  Perhaps, that is a reflection of a lack of desire for God himself?

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