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Sowing without having to see fruit

Thanks to Linda I decided to check out Steve Brown’s blog and I appreciated his post today on the parable of the sower in Mtt 13.  What a freedom there is when we discover (and daily remember) that it is not about nor up to us.  Steve concludes his post:

Oh, and I learned one other thing from the parable of the sower. I learned that one should never define oneself by the seeds, the soil or the harvest. If you define yourself that way, sometimes you’ll feel that you’re “pond scum” and at other times you’ll think they ought to expand the Trinity to make room for you.

Both are inappropriate for a Christian.

The only appropriate way for a believer to define himself or herself is by the One who loved us enough to make us acceptable and to give us the seeds to sow. Wherever you are, just throw the seeds God gave you. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to do that and you don’t have to be trained at a leadership seminar. All you have to do is to take the seeds God gives and, wherever you are, throw them on the soil.

And don’t keep digging them up to see if they’re growing. That’s not your concern.

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