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Mercy relief out of Psalm 51

“Dangerously tired” this weekend after an 8 day trip visiting our teams and other friends in the south.  Even though during the trip, we had adequate energy, once we arrived home, I noticed a surprising level of physical and emotional fatigue but also a spiritual fatigue that caught me unaware.  I guess that is what happens when you give and give out and don’t have much input.

Found Psalm 51 to be a much needed refuge this morning.  How desperate I need an experience of his mercy this day!  Yes, Lord, don’t give me what I deserve!  There has been a serious neglect lately–more “not paying attention” than “open rebellion” but equally serious.  How I am grateful that his mercy, unfailing love and compassion continues to be readily available.

Enjoyed listening to a few songs from Twila Paris’ Small Sacrifice CD–available on itunes or her website. Even tho it is simple, I enjoyed, “You are a Great God.”  “Small sacrifice” and “There is a plan” will also encourage you if you are having a tough day.

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