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Doubt and worry part 3

One of the confessions Craig Groeschel (here is a link to one of his blogs that contains lots of helpful material) makes in his book, Confessions of a Pastor is, “I worry almost all the time.” He says, “I worry about big things, small things, important things and silly things.” He does discuss worrying about things that he (we) can change but his focus in this chapter was on worrying about things we can’t change. He says worry hurts our relationships, our bodies and our faith. He also says worry is a sin and on this I am not sure that all worry is sin–not sure he would say that either. (Phil 4:6-7, right) He goes on to say, “Unchecked worry will have nothing but detrimental effects in our life. . . . if you continue to live gripped by worry, you’ll miss the glory of knowing and trusting God’s goodness.”

Some lessons Groeschel has learned in dealing with worry:

1. Take your mind off the “what ifs” of worry. He notes that his “what-ifs” always seem to be focused on negative outcomes. He says that we need to not focus on the fearful “what-ifs,” which of course are used by the evil one to keep us from God’s best.

2. Keep your mind focused on God’s promises. He writes, “We must replace our fearful consuming thoughts with reminders of God’s faithfulness.”

3. Give your cares to God and do not take them back. He suggests that this is related to the need so many of us have to maintain control. “With God, the ‘control’ I have to surrender over and over is only an illusion. I never really have control of my life and circumstances, even when I pretend to.”

Nothing really new here but with lots of personal stories, Groeschel addresses an issue that we all face, one that no one who is “spiritual” likes to admit–but one, which needs to be faced if it is not to incapacitate us.

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