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Sexual boundaries on college campuses today

Dawn Eden over at Dawn Patrol had the following daily quote today and I thought it is worth re-posting here. This was reminiscent of a post that Heather McDonald made a few months ago on City Journal–for which I provided links. How do we bring about a change on this situation.  According to McDonald, the blame seems to lie at the college administration level giving mixed signals to the students.

“No doubt lurid anecdote and popular myth cause us to exaggerate the actual frequency of campus hook-ups: Most college students do not share in these delights. But most students also believe that ‘everyone does it,’ even if the individual student, for some reason, cannot locate a partner. Thus an active minority sets the tone and makes hooking up a ‘culture.’ When there are no sexual boundaries, either official or informal, the standard becomes the extreme, and all students feel the pressure to appear more promiscuous than they are. The traditional double standard of sexual conduct – more restrictive for women than for men – has been replaced by the single standard of the predatory male.”

Harvey C. Mansfield, reviewing Donna Freitas’s Sex and the Soul in today’s Wall Street Journal

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