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Missionaries thank Rambo for his help

I watched Rambo IV last night–quite violent and there are a number of very disturbing images just to warn you.  In it (a rather old) Rambo, rescues missionaries who have gone into war torn Burma.  He tells the missionaries before they go up country that they will never be able to change anything–nothing ever changes.  The missionary wife tells him that it is better to spend your life on doing something than waste it on doing nothing and that eventually gets Rocky (I mean Rambo) to move into action.

Here is what Sylvestor Stallone said in early 2007, “The more I go to church,” Stallone said, reported Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink, “and the more I turn myself over to the process of believing in Jesus and listening to His Word and having Him guide my hand, I feel as though the pressure is off me now.”

About Rambo, Sly said Rambo’s mission in this movement, “is to bring a group of Christians upriver into a very hostile territory, and they’re there to bring the Word of God and medicine and dentistry to these natives.  He starts getting influenced by their faith in the face of such incredible odds.”

“I think it may work,” he said.

“Here’s how it is.  I believe that you can have a Christian theme but you can’t hit it too heavy.  You can’t hit ‘em over the head with a hammer.  You have to be subtle about it,” he conclude

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