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Advent Readings

December 6, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

My reading during this second week of advent has been focused on Psalm 72, Is 11:1-11, Mtt 3:1-12 and Romans 15:4-13.   I have been struck by the beauty of the Coming One!

Psalm 72

  • defends the afflected
  • saves the children of the needy
  • crushing the oppressor
  • enduring as long as the sun
  • like rain falling on a mown field
  • like showers watering the earth
  • ruling from sea to sea
  • delivering the needy who cry out
  • mercy on the weak and needy

Is 11

  • takes delight in obedience
  • does not judge by mere appearances
  • nor does not make decisions on basis of hearsay
  • treats the poor fairly
  • makes the right decisions for down-trodden
  • full of justice and integrity
  • and the Spirit upon Him–a spirit that gives extaordinary wisdom, provides the ability to execute plans and that produces absolute loyalty to the Lord

Thinking about His glory among the nations–about how worthy he is to receive our worship and how that will one day happen. Deeply moved by his future ruling over the nations and His reception of deserved glory and honor

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