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A call to prayer

November 28, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

The last week has been tough week for me in a number of ways. Conflict in some key relationships, job frustration and the tension of not really knowing what should be doing and continuing computer problems. I have used these challenges as an excuse for my bad attitude and my lack of intimacy with the Lord Jesus.

But, there have been some good gifts in this week. Last Saturday, as I was sitting in our comfy chair and reading/journaling/praying, I started dreaming about the possibilities of ministry here. What a need there is with our men and I started thinking about various ways to get them together. But then I realized that I have not been praying for them, I mean really praying for them. I also realized that this is why my wife knows all the kids and names of our people–she prays for them weekly, by name. Duh! I remember Bobby Clinton saying once, “If God has called you to lead a group, he has called you to pray for them.” If I am only giving lip service to prayer, then who am I depending upon for my ministry and service? Hint–starts and ends with the ninth letter of the alphabet. The Lord kindly led me through a time of prayer for each of our men by name and the Lord again brought them to mind as I walked to work on Monday. I prayed for them as I walked, using the Jesus prayer and Psalm 44:7. A small but significant insight for which I am grateful.

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