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What do I need to do in order to forgive?

November 20, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Final quote on this topic out of van Breeman’s The God Who Will Not Let Go.

  • Whoever really wants to forgive has to come down from his throne. 127
  • In order to forgive in freedom and love, we need inner truthfulness and a good amount of humility. 127
  • Forgiveness is both a decision and a long process. We cannot do it all at once. We have to forgive many times before our heart becomes truly free. 127
  • We must be willing and courageous and tenacious enough to forgive time and time again. 128
  • Three phases to forgiveness

1. A Fundamental willingness to forgive

2. Desire to forgive grows, but it all takes place in our intellect and will power; the heart is not yet tuned in.

3. Forgiveness that really comes from the heart, in which bitterness disappears and we become much more transparent. 128

  • All three phrases are grace. On our own strength, we are not capable of really forgiving, especially if it concerns deep hurt. 128

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