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Poem on woundedness by Peter van Breeman

November 2, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

At the end of the chapter on Respect–the heart of love, van Breeman gathers together some of his thoughts in the following poem.  As I read over this again, it sounds like a number of situations in which I have been involved in the last few months.

The other is also wounded.

you have mercy with the inability of both of us.

Therefore, give me the good will

to see the need of the other

and not to nurse my own wounds

like a dark treasure

which occupies my mind continuously.

The other is also wounded.

You see through the reasons

why we did not listen to the signals of our heart.

Prevent me from bargaining for myself

the deeper pain,

the smaller part of the guilt

as profit to which I am not entitled.

The other is also wounded,

and when I seek his presence, 

then you, God, are with us both.

I want to begin seeing him,

whom the anger alienated from me so much,

with your eyes.

Lord, restore the shattered confidence

and when I cannot forgive,

then please forgive in me.

I pray for peace

which puts an end to all enmity.

Lord, say to us both:

peace be with you

today and every day

forever and ever. 


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