A Taste of Silence

October 31, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Started to read A Taste of Silence by Carl Arico on centering prayer.  He is building upon what others have written so nothing really knew here.  But he did work closely with …so good to read.  Method of Centering Prayer (128 ff) seems standard to others—use of a sacred word, sitting comfortably and quietly for 10-20 minutes, return to your sacred word when thoughts distract, remain in silence at the end of the prayer time for a few minutes.  The sacred word is saying yes to the Lord, it is us telling God that we are willing for him to do whatever he wants with us to make us however he wants us to be.  It is a symbolic “I do.” “Thoughts are a normal part of centering prayer: they will always be there, you cannot get rid of them.  You are not asked to empty your mind or stop thinking.” 134

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