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Always looking down the road

We have been traveling around Vermont for the past few days and finding a place to sleep as we were getting tired.  On Sunday night we ended up at what has to be one of the most scenic lodges in Vermont.  Since it is off-season, the lady at the front desk asked me, “I suppose you would like a luxury room with a view of the mountains and lake?”  And then, she gave me a price that was half of what had been quoted me earlier, one that we could not refuse.  We quickly decided to stay two nights!  We are truly relaxing and enjoying ourselves.  But . . . it is hard for me to live in the moment.  One the way here, I was thinking about getting here rather than enjoying the journey.  Once we arrived here, I began thinking about the golf course I played yesterday.  Now, that we stayed an extra day, I am thinking about what time we have to check out and the two hour drive and the course that starts tomorrow.  And wondering how or when or if we will ever come back here?

When will I ever learn?  I did get up this morning before 6 and just sat and enjoyed the sun rising over the mountains.  I am going to go sit in the sun now and not accomplish anything!   Buchanan asked the following questions the other day in his book, “But do you play enough? Do you risk enough and bask in God’s creation enough and do some things  for no other reason than that you’ll be dead soon enough anyhow, so why not live a little now?” 138

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