On anger

Reading over Mark 11:15-19 where Jesus was angry at the temple being used as a market place.   Some observations:

  • His anger was carefully considered.  The day before he had gone into the temple and looked all around (11:10-11).  Then, the next day when he arrived, he knew what needed to be done.  In this context, his cursing of the fig tree on the way to the temple is more problematic.  If this story was about me, I would say that I had seen something the night before and in the morning I woke up and was angry and ready to do something about it.  Had the unfortunate fig tree happened to be on my way and not met my need for figs, if I had the power, I might have blown it away too.  But, of course, this is Jesus, who never sinned and his anger was holy and pure.  Unfortunately, that is so far from my own anger.  Yesterday, I became angry twice.  More on this later.
  1. Cappy Ricks
    May 7, 2007 at 9:01 am

    Anger–just an excuse for not keeping ourself under control. I can not recall how many golf clubs thrown & tennis rackets broken, when I totally lost my self control. Of course, this was when I was much younger & thought everything I did should be done in perfection!!

    Today, I just get angry because God is not moving to clean up things as fast as I thing He should! How arrogant that I should try to think God has a time schedule.

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