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God desires intimacy with me!

I have just started to re-read Gary Moon’s Falling for God and I am seeing new things, particularly as I discuss it with a friend. Moon says the big idea of the book is this: “Restoration of the soul–change that leads to abundant life in Christ and the emotions of love, joy, and peace–happens as we cultivate a passionate relationship with God.” I knew that, some of us might say but if we are honest, not many of us are too good about developing our intimacy with the Father, Son and Spirit. Since I have been praying for some prodigals, when he personalized the story, it had quite an impact on me. Here are some words out of his first chapter:

Could it be that the Creator of the entire Universe aches with anticipation that I might return home to his presence? Could he really be facing in my direction with outstretched arms, calling my name, waving for me to come back home? 14

Because I know this story is timeless, I can confess to God and to you that my soul is darkly stained by the choice of Adam and Eve. I’ve made the same wrong choice, and continue to make it, hundreds of times each day. Even though I’ve read the script written by the prodigal son, I continue to play his role myself. 16

Yet I sense that I am loved–in this very moment–beyond what my mind can possibly contain. Not only is my homesickness for loving community a homing device that calls to my soul, but also, I truly believe, God is homesick for me, and desires to spend endless amounts of his time with me, talking with me, and just being with me for the joy of relationship. In this I place my hope–in his desire for intimacy with me. 16-17

What kind of love is this? A love stronger than my fear and arrogance. Eventually I will become so transformed by his desire for relationship that I will want to stay home forever. I will feel the change of inner transformation. . . 17

God, my Daddy, is Fall-proofing my soul for all eternity by his desire for intimacy, his delirious love, and his offer of relationship. He wants to hug me so tightly that we become one and I never again choose to run. He wants the same for you. 17

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