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Who’s in charge here?

This post follows the previous one on busyness–again words from Mark Buchanan’s The Rest of God. Italics are from Buchanan.

“Indeed the worst hallucination busyness conjures is the conviction that I am God. All depends on me. How will the right things happen at the right time if I’m not pushing and pulling and watching and worrying?” 61

“If God works all things together for good for those who love him and are called to his purposes, you can relax. If he doesn’t, start worrying. If God can take any mess, any mishap, any wastage, any wreckage, anything, and choreograph beauty and meaning from it, then you can take a day off. If he can’t, get busy. Either God’s always at work , watching the city, building the house, or you need to try harder.”

Either God is good and in control, or it all depends on you.” 63

“One thing stops God dead in his tracks. It is paltry and flimsy, but tenacious enough to shatter all God’s advances. Even grace, abounding in our sin, cannot break it.

I speak of pride.

Pride usurps God. Pride inverts the universe’s deepest truth: that we need God and serve God. Pride gets this exactly backward. Pride is the delusion that God, if he exists, is awfully lucky I’ve shown up and should mind his p’s and q’s lest I change my mind.

The twin of pride is despair. It is to collapse into a sense that not even God is good enough or big enough or smart enough to sort out the mess I’ve made or stumbled upon. In despair we are consumed by the lie that God, if he exists, is too inept or distracted or apathetic to even notice us, let alone come to our aid.” 72

“Are you in the midst of a situation where, as you pray, you find yourself putting the problem first? If so, you’re starting where you should end. You’re rehearsing the problem, making it seem larger than it is, when what you need to do is rehearse God’s greatness and bigness. Then the problem shrinks to its right portions. . . .Today when you pray, start with God. Survey what he has made. Recite what he has done. Proclaim who he is.” 74-75

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