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Being powerless is supposed to be good for me

but it sure feels lousy.


nothing i can fix

left with prayer as my last resort

loving the sinner not the sin

falling on my knees before you

Anger is supposed to be bad

but sometimes it brings me comfort

as if my anger can bring

enough pain to you to bring about


After awhile, I look inside and

see the darkness

threatening to overwhelm me.

Why didn’t I?

What if?

What bad decisions have I made?

Will I ever learn?

My doubting threatens to

flood my soul like the

floodbanks of the Missisissippi.

guilt lounges on

the edges of my consciousness,

never quite going away,

yet not able to take control.

So the only option left is to let go.

let my troubles fall

out of my hands,

into a chasm of unknowingness.

and yet out of the same icy depth,

a delicate fragrance of hope arises.

will things change?

I don’t know but it’s okay.

I am changed, you remain the same.

so, I can go on another day,

trusting, holding onto you,

clinging as if my life depends on you.

because it does, it always has,

only I forget my own desperation

for you.

powerlessness serving as my reminder

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