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What works and what doesn’t

I am teaching a class on how one develops intimacy with Christ. One person told me that they just wanted to know what works and what does not. here are my first thoughts

What works What Doesn’t

Spirit Flesh

Goodness Evil

Simplicity Simple

Engagement Apathy

Rest Trying harder

Peace Anger

Contentment Worry

Beauty Ugliness

Flexibility Rigidity

Grace Legalism

Liberty License

Community Isolation

Slowness Hurry

Jesus Me

Honesty Falsehood

Truthfulness Pretense

Holistic Fragmented

Reflection Analysis

Humility Pride

Journey Destination

Process Arrival

Growth Stagnation

Nurture Neglect

Letting Go Control

Being called Being Driven

Creativity Boredom

Prayer Anxiety

Trust Doubt

Courage Fear

Perseverance Giving up

An Engaged Heart Intellect alone

Longing Coldness

Surrender Self-Will

Tenderness Harshness

Gentleness Hardness

Imagination Staleness

Patience The bottom line

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