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Consent to God’s presence

I saw my spiritual director on Thursday in conjunction with a personal retreat. I talked with my Director about what should be happening when I am listening to God, for example, in centering prayer. She warned me about the ego problem–not that I didn’t know anything about the problem of the ego and pride!!! But she said it is an ego problem if we are meeting with God and we think that nothing is happening–I don’t feel anything, I don’t sense anything, no consolations, no messages. She encouraged me to listen but don’t expect to hear anything–sounds kind of weird but I understand a little bit more now. My senses do not have to dominate!! The question, will I still seek God even if nothing seems to be happening. She often what God is doing is imperceptible. Some of this came up when I began explaining that one “false self” that I sometimes communicate to people is that of being “laid back”. Now, I am anything but laid back–just ask my wife but this false self is one that acts as a protective measure. The problem–if I use it with other people, do I also use it with God? Another thought that I came away with from meeting with my director is that I needed to consent to God’s presence. That is what I tried to do for most of my retreat. Later I want to write about the three cacti and the four dogwood trees!

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