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Help when facing pressure

Recently finished a book of sermons on Samuel by Alan Redpath, published in 1962.  He has some valuable insights. From 1 Samuel 19: 10-11, 18; Psalm 59.   Helpful for any of us facing pressures.

“Of course, I know that God watches over His people, but then I must also watch for the coming of His strength and His power. He looks down to care for me in the midst of the cloud, but I must watch for Him to pour out His blessings upon in my need.  My friend, if we fail to receive strength for the pressure of the cloud, it is usually because we are not looking for it.

If you are overwhelmed with the pressure of some cloud, it isn’t God’s fault.  The fact may be that your hands are too full of other things to received His strength and enabling.

The help of God does not come to us when we are indifferent.  It comes to the man who is depending on God in the thick of the fight.  It comes to the one who tarries for the vision in faith.  It comes to the one who believes that he who waits on the Lord shall never be confounded. It comes to the one who rests upon the promises of the Word. It comes to the one who believes that before he calls, God will answer.  It comes to the man who lives by faith as if in the actual possession of the answer to his prayer, although the enemy is still around him.  It is faith which turns distress into singing.

The pressure of the gathering cloud that is upon your life today is in the hand of God and under His control.  He knows when to say, “Thus far and no further.” Let there be from your life the prayer of growing confidence: My Lord, my strength, my defense! You are possessed by Him, because by His Spirit He lives within you; you are protected all around by Him from all your foes.”

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